Friday, July 31, 2009

The Climb. By Hannah Montana. Stuck in my head. ALL DAY.


Tara's birthday was yesterday. I MISS HER. And I hope it was a great one!

Last night Jen and I went to a baseball game and we laughed the night away. It's so good to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while. Last summer Anna, Jen and I went into DC as hippies and did our thing.

In my dad's cucumber garden

The statue pose

Protesting stuff at the white house

On the lawn at the WWII Memorial

Today my ma took me, MK and Jess out to lunch in Reston Town Center. I spend way too much time at that place and love it way too much. We ate at this gourmet burger place called the Counter. 312,120+ different burger combinations! What? HEAVEN!? We got tasty gelato afterwards. Then we went to Kiwi in Oakton and, if you can believe this, Mary got her nails done!! Never thought I'd see the day. When she was 9 she swore off getting her ears pierced, but I say getting nails done is just as girlie. Ut oh!

And another ut oh... For the first time in the 2 weeks that I've taken hot yoga... almost passed out yesterday. I didn't drink enough water before class. I still say DO IT. You'll thank me later. I mean it!

Not too much else to report besides that I spend lots of time babysitting angel children.

Last but not least, this goes out to all boys and squirrels my dad doesn't approve of.

Why is it raining so much? I am sun-deprived and NOT digging it. Hope it's nothing but blue skies where you are!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Roy's Mission Call! and other happenings

Johannesburg, South Africa. What's up.

This was before we knew where he was going- excitement! and it's a liberty square shot missing jess :(

Mary and I got haircuts today. I went to yoga and after that got Chipotle with my family! It's weird to go out to dinner with everyone living at home and only have 5 of us all together. I'm so used to having us all nine at home when I'm here. I'm ready for August 26! There will be 10 of us! We will look like this- PLUS Tom!! and i just found this cute picture of us girls and Naynay on his wedding day.

My roommate Tara was in town from Maine this weekend and Anna and I took her to Great Falls, Reston Town Center and then we visited Harpers Ferry with her. A great weekend. We'll miss her!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What to do with a week off from nannying...

I've been going to a hot yoga class every day this week because Mikey's been out of town at EFY so I had to find an alternative to our morning running. It's in Reston and called Bikram Yoga. It's an hour and a half class that's given me much looser muscles, a clearer mind, and many laughs due to the absurdity of the outfits people wear. Seriously men, you do not need to wear speedos to get a good stretch in your shoulders. And compared to the other women I feel Amish for wearing a t-shirt and spandex. It's been a cultural experience to say the least. I also sweat about a gallon every class so water has been my best friend this week.

Tonight my dad took me and my ma to Bazins on Church Street. It's like a place you would find in DC right here in the middle of Vienna! It was very fun. I have wonderful parents.


I leave for a year and she grows a million inches and she might even start liking boys soon!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spring in a Blink

Ran a half marathon with Brady and Ruth!

Went to an 80's prom

Had late night chats on the mountain

Had bonfires

Went to a beautiful wedding

Spent time in Lynndyl. Where everything is simple.

I got to be with my brothers and see my hilarious grandma and grandpa

Ran a race or two with some of the greatest girls

This is not in Utah, but during the term I took my first trip to Boston to see Brady before his mission. This was at a Red Sox game!

Hiked the Y at midnight! And during the day very often because Tara seriously loved that hike

Had roommate dinners

Got a little artsy fartsy

Tom bartered for hot dogs with potatoes and succeeded!

Had a mothers appreciation night

Frisbee Golfed

Spent time with my brother and his pretty wifey

Ate cupcakes on Temple Square

Learned how to arrange flowers

Fed the ducks

Loved every minute

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Secrets Revealed!

One of the many exciting things about being home is that I get to look through all of my old stuff. I’ve stumbled upon countless art projects from middle school and senior year. I found some of the treasures that (don’t deny it- we all do this!) I’ve hidden in past years so that no one else will see them and I will surely remember where to get them from if need be. Well, I always forget where I put those things. I’m sure others find them and all of my many secrets are revealed. Like whom I had a crush on in elementary school.

[Jeremy Lewin, I hope you don’t read this, because you indeed were my first crush. I wouldn’t tell a soul though.]

Yes, I had massive, juicy and exploiting secrets like this and yes I wrote about them in my Ultra Secret Stuff Journal, complete with a lock, password, invisible ink pen and black light. Juiciness in that specific journal will forever remain un...juiced. Because I must have hidden that journal from myself. Way too well. That is why I was overjoyed tonight to find a dust-covered, floral printed, long-ago-hidden diary from 1998 (with my name plastered on the inside cover with nail polish, of course.).
Sunday, July 26, 1998
Yesterday I went to my swim meet. Mommy thinks I'll make all-stars! I went home, lazed around, went to the pool, came home, watched TV, ate dinner, watched TV, cross stitched, went to Home Depot and went to bed. I have many responsibilities. I have some awesome shampoo. It makes my hair shine amazingly. Today is fast Sunday! That means I can’t eat. I hope it will be a cool day! I love life!

That was the life. Cross stitching… having shiny hair.. and holy crap, HOME DEPOT!? I had it made. Sadly, that informative piece is the only entry in that journal with details about 1998. On the rest of the many pages these words are largely written and surrounded by stars and hearts: “GREAT DAY!”, “FUN DAY”, or “FANTASTIC DAY!” Seriously. I think I was the happiest child on earth.

Reading this made me think about my blessings and why I still am the happiest girl on earth.

1. I have been blessed with an education that will help me for the rest of my life

2. I know who I am.

I'm not a hippie, but hey it's a picture of me.
3. I have the best parents, brothers and sisters who show infinite care and love

4. I live in the most beautiful place in the world. And in a free and safe country! Excuse the cheesiness, but Vienna VA: #4 in the Nation, #1 in my heart.

5. I have friends that constantly buoy me up and are there to make the best memories with

6. I know my Heavenly Father loves me
7. I have a healthy mind and body
8. I understand the purpose of fast Sunday now…
9. I have many years ahead of me to learn new things!
10. I. Love. Life.
So it’s true, diary entries from age 8 aren’t the most intellectual read, but they remind you who you were, and maybe still are… and in my case that you were a dork who watched way too much TV. Some things will never change. It’s great to be home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here it goes!

Why not give this a shot?

I got home from BYU in June. I love it there so much but it feels wonderful to be home! I stayed in Utah to get in some extra classes, be with my brothers and sister in a law, and I made some of the greatest friends and memories during spring term. There is a lot to tell about that and what's been going on since then, but for now I'll just write about today!

I got to go on a daddy-daughter date today and, let me tell you, it was one of the greatest dates I’ve ever been on. It was the hottest day since I got home, so it was brutal, but I made the walk down the hill to the metro. I got into D.C. and my dad had already left work to meet me the second I got off the train. We ate lunch at a nifty little place called Pesce. I can’t even try to describe the tastiness of each dish.

Yes, we each got an appetizer, entrĂ©e, and dessert. As if that wasn’t enough we walked down the street to Hello Cupcake, where we each devoured a peanut butter blossom. Beyond tasty and comparable to Sweet Tooth Fairy in Utah.

To top off our afternoon we took a little walk to the White House and to his office where we explored the building, looking at modern art.

It was such a good way to spend a day off from work! I love you Dad!

After being a pig all afternoon it felt great to work out with Mikey. Actually, that’s not true. I struggled through the whole thing with a full belly! But he is so inspiring. We have made a challenging summer workout plan and it’s been amazing to see him getting faster and stronger every day. Its very rewarding to see such improvement. Another plus is that I haven’t been in such good shape since my junior year of high school. My then field hockey coach was a little insane and told me that any time I felt sick from pushing myself too hard “throwing up is your body telling you ‘good job’”. I hope Mikey doesn’t look back at this summer and think of me as crazy, but we are working very hard!

Mary Kate and my mom are at girls’ camp this week and it’s been sad not having them home. I never realized how much time I spend with them until they left for a week! They get home Saturday and I really look forward to that.

I promise I’ll get better at this, but that’s all I've got for now!