Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Bash

Nothing better than friends and a sunny summer's day at the beach! I just wish it wasn't the end of shark week that we went because I was honestly terrified we were all going to be eaten alive. We went to Ocean City, Maryland and spent a day on the sand and playing in the water. And we all survived! Danny just got home from the Coast Guard Academy so it was so fun to spend time with him before we all go back to school. He kept us laughing the entire day long!

Grandma and Grandpa came over for Sunday dinner this week!

Tom and Jeff get home tonight! We're all very excited here at the Nielson household. Stay tuned for pictures of Mary Kate's welcome home decorations. It'll be worth the wait.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

WHY is this guy always at the door?

The size of a golf ball and always there to greet me when I open the front door. What a pal!

I can't wait to have THIS sight at my front door!

Jeff too. Just a few more days!

In other news, I missed out on the best water-park EVER as a child. The Watermine?! I never even knew about it until recently and even though I was "too big" for the slide and jungle gym... it didn't stop me from having the time of my life when I took the kids I nanny. Also took some little ones to Chuck-E-Cheese this week. I DID go there once or twice when I was little for birthday parties... and I conclude that the Watermine's where it's at.

new hobby: finding swimsuits for less than $5 at the thrift store and wearing them as if they were brand new. Mary looks less than pleased/distracted by shiny objects, but she also had the time of her life.

Today after yoga I ran to the 14th Annual Northern Virginia Wiffle Ball World Series (fundraiser for brain cancer). Lucky me it was right here in Vienna and I had a friend playing on one of the teams. Then Ma took me to the outlets in Leesburg and we stocked up on some stuff for school next year. Tax-free weekend rocks!

If you're a girl or guy who enjoys a killer soundtrack and a fairly cute plot, see 500 Days of Summer. That's a wrap!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Few Ingredients to Summer

Homemade salsa

Mary Kate

Fresh fruit

Sights to see

Sunshine, a lake, a boat, and roommates

Sunday treats!