Saturday, May 29, 2010

Party in the USA

Went to Viva Vienna today with girls I nanny. They are so fun and full of energy. We rode rides, watched people eat chicken legs the size of a large cat, experienced the thrill of winning a Justin Bieber poster at an overpriced game booth, walked through the mist machine (100 degrees today), and met all of the height requirements! A successful annual trip to Viva Vienna.
As of late:

I got a great internship doing PR for a NPO called Volunteerspot. The best part is that my boss is my next-door neighbor!

During an intense thunderstorm the other night I found myself huddled up on my parents' bed. I think our yard got struck by lightning 124320 times, but not our house! These pictures were taken from my neighbor's roof, both in the dead of the night. Look how bright the flashes were.
I biked 50 miles on the W&OD trail with the Boy Scouts of America. The farthest I'd ever ridden before that was in a triathlon last November, so this was a challenge but very fun! My dad and Mikey rock.
I have a serious addiction to Bikram Yoga. I go every day besides Sunday.
Weird right?
I tutor my little neighbor friend when she gets out of school every day.
Tried out the singles ward this Sunday.

My roommate in Provo broke her foot :( The worst part is that she's a dance major so she's out of commission for a while. At least she's got a great attitude about it.

I spend lots of time with my family whom I love.

Nannying lots.

Learned how to French braid hair.

The pool opened this weekend. That is highly appreciated by my pale skin and now I can finally swim laps!

Drink Diet Coke even though it hurts my stomach every time. It just tastes so good!

Sing with MK many hours of the day.

Run at the Madison track sometimes and subsequently get hit on by my old gym teacher. What?

Brig driving home from lunch the other day:
He drove like this a lot last summer - face almost pressed against the window - and got strange glares from other drivers and me laughing my guts out. Now he's leaving to play baseball in New York for the summer and he had to bust this move one last time.

Life is good.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Past 7 days

anyone need mustard?MK
pictures of pictures
favorite kid ever to babysit
cake making
TA DA! The final product.

The reception tonight was a blast after a lot of preparation. There were tons of fun people, delicious food and a happy bride and groom. Life is good.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How did Anna catch the bouquet??

It doesn't appear possible. BUT she definitely caught it... and you know what that means!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best 4 months on video!

Wales, Denmark, Paris, and the greatest city of all, LONDON! Enjoy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

DUI: Daily Universe Influence


April 5: Officers responded to a report of a person in a gorilla suit at the JSB. The investigation resulted in the arrest of a 15-year-old visitor for disorderly conduct.

March 20: Officers stopped six residents of Helaman Halls playing basketball and being loud. The officer explained the students could be disturbing others who wanted to sleep. The noisy basketball players were told they needed to end their game and be quiet, which they did.

March 4 A student was arrested, cited and released for stealing an oatmeal raisin cookie from the Bookstore.

I miss laughing at the Police Beat which, besides the columns my brother wrote when he went to BYU, is the only part of the Daily Universe that I've ever read. There are so many gems in that section.

Also printed in the Daily Universe recently- Jenny and I! Read it HERE.

Listen to a Prophet's Voice

"The future is as bright as your faith."

Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Then and Now

A year ago I wrote my first blog post and I'm still just as clueless about blogging as I was then. BUT what inspired me to dive into the wild world of blogging was the wonderful date I had in the city with my dad! And we did it again today. A repeat date is usually not something to be excited about, but this one is a major exception. PLUS my mom came this time! She and I went to the American History Museum (they removed Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt, which did not go unnoticed and was not cool).
Even Oprah loved the puffy shirt.
Then we met up with my dad for lunch at Pesce, our favorite restaurant in the city. That place... it gets me. I love you dad! Thanks for being the best man in my life!

Oh, Hello Cupcake! We meet again! Summer '09 and again today
Hi Mom!With the addition of Mom and the subtraction of a tan, it was just like last year! And I still have the best parents ever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I missed you a lot today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tasty Tunes

Click names to take a listen
Fine Frenzy
Band of Horses
Mumford and Sons
Miley I hate myself for loving this song. And yes I saw/sobbed through Last Song.
OK GO enjoy your day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

picture overload

Today my mama got a ton of pictures developed for me! This is what I did with them. I feel a lot more at home now that there are some familiar faces constantly in my room... kinda creepy I guess, but I love it!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Creased neck.

You know Kimora Lee Simmons? I didn't either, until I watched less than 3 minutes of Style Network's Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. Why are semi-celebrity has-beens always getting TV shows? CRAZY!

Once she was really pretty... and this is her now.

Smiling for a mugshot. What concerns me more than the fact that this photo was taken for possession of marijuana is the line on her neck. How does one acquire such lines you may ask?

I have learned the hard way. I lay on my bed with my laptop on my lap, looking down at it. Try it.

If you're not trying it, don't read on.

At this point you have laid on your bed with your laptop on your lap. *NOTE* your neck is naturally creasing (unless you weigh under 75 pounds)!

This is a bummer. I want one of these.

Baby Houdini

I've given up on the 30 day describe yourself thing and I'm back to normal blogging.

I feel so bad for my mother. I can only hope my someday kids will be less limber and dare-devilish than I was.

I was a torturous child when it came to being strapped into stuff. Whether it was my high-chair, stroller, crib, even the diaper changing table, I was not a force to be reckoned with. Whatever it took: back-hand springs, loosening some tape, crawling out, unsnapping buttons, untying ties, I would configure an escape route of some kind, pretty much anything to rub my mama the wrong way. I > all child-safety devices.

Yes, my mother put up with a lot. BUT WAIT A MINUTE. The real reason I feel bad for my mother is because she has the eternal guilt of knocking out my two front teeth, and so very violently.

I was sitting in my car seat, a sweet innocent little 3 year old. As I routinely came loose from my seat while she was driving, my mother abruptly put on the breaks and I flew forward into the passenger seat in front of me and my two front teeth became a thing of the past as they joined the bloody mess on the floor.

So that's the story.

I went from this sweet little angel with teeth
to this vampirish, loose-necked-moon-turtleneck-wearing, freak child.
And those bangs??

After a few minutes when I came to and my sobbing mom realized I wasn't dead, with a gap-toothed grin I sang to her, "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

Mom, even though you've obviously scarred me for life, I forgive you.

Happy Mother's Day!

To the best mom in the world.
Thanks for making my school lunch
for taking me on mental health days
for waking up with me every day before seminary
for calling me when I was at BYU
for taking me to church
for listening to me babble about London
for making the house look nice and pretty all the time
for being beautiful
for being a wonderful example to me
for marrying Dad
for always encouraging and supporting me
and for being the one woman I can always turn to.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Weddings and a Graduation!

Congratulations Nathan, Jeff and Krista for graduating from BYU!

Aren't they adorable!? Jeff and Krista Nielson got married on April 24 in the St. George Temple. They looked so beautiful and happy! It was the first time we've had all 11 of us together with all of our grandparents. I LOVE MY FAMILY! It is so good to be with them. And I have an awesome new sister-in-law!

All of the handsome gents.
I didn't take many pictures :(

After the wedding I was joyfully reunited with Lisa and Anna and stayed with them in Provo for the next few days. I love and missed them and it was so nice of them to let me crash there. I visited with a lot of friends that I've missed the past 4 months. I hiked the Y with the girls- here are some pictures!

Weird concept: I saw my London friends in America for the first time! I stayed with Jenny, Rachel, CJ and two of her friends at the Gilson's house in Salt Lake. We talked, giggled, cried, hot tubbed, saw "Last Song," and remembered so many good moments from our study abroad. But we didn't take pictures! Oops.

Jessica and Ben Zike got married on May 1 in the LA Temple.

Anna, Lisa and I were some of the bridesmaids and we had a blast helping to arrange bouquets and decorate for the reception.

Then clean up after the reception!

Jess was getting lots of pictures taken with just her and Ben, so we had a photo shoot ourselves!

Jess's family is hilarious, welcoming and extremely loving. Here is her little nephew Troy. There were 6 little ones who demanded that we "boom," or spin, in the yard. It was so cute.

Here is her Grandpa Bill who has planned my wedding with Jess's brother. He reminds me of the Grandpa from Freaky Friday- so funny.

Jess was gorgeous and Ben was.. Ben. They are so happy and I'm so excited for them!

Graduation, the weddings and being with friends and family added up to be the perfect summer vacation. Now I'm home and working until I go back to BYU in the fall!

And who knew Ralph Nader flew Southwest? I found out when I sat next to him on the plane. He was a drunk and bumbling doofus and I hate to end this post with a photo of this icky man, but hey, he was the first presidential candidate I've ever met.