Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tara and Melissa

These two girls

They are incredible. The Cooksons, Cafe Rio and summertime... I can't imagine a better scenario! They turn 20 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS!

I wish we could celebrate by going to Chili's. Oh wait, we do that for every birthday. Maybe it's good to switch it up and be on opposite sides of the country this year. LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Life right now =

I have become a blog-failure. Never fear, I am still alive and well! Lots of summer fun.

  • Ruth had her baby!
  • biking with Josh
  • swimming
  • lemonade stands on really hot days (record breaking heat in DC this summer)
  • visiting with Grandma and Grandpa
On this particular day, Grandma was wearing a dish towel so she wouldn't spill any food. Grandpa accidentally dyed his hair pink. They are the best.
  • Old Testament
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Frankie Valli at Wolftrap. Completely random but fun concert
  • nannying perfect children 50 hours a week
  • fresh tomatoes from dad's garden
  • Institute
  • getting lunch with Mom
  • depositing money into the bank instead of withdrawing!
  • bike trail
  • holding babies
  • discovering all kinds of new music
  • visiting with friends
  • sun-kissed skin (so hot, we'll melt your popsicle)
  • running
  • animal planet
  • checking off books from my looong summer reading-list
  • loving my brothers and sisters
  • cake baking
  • thunderstorms and coloring on rainy days
  • dancing with MK
  • deciding on a new major for the 5th time since entering college
  • oh so very much love
Anna comes home tomorrow and Tom comes home on Saturday. I couldn't be happier!