Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall festivities

Oh dear, oh dear. So much to say!
Hannah Loumeau got married this weekend. CRAZY! I couldn't make it out to her wedding, but we did go to her bridal shower was last weekend. She is gorgeous and her bridal shower was so funny that my abs hurt from laughing.

Lisa turned 20 last week and it was her happiest birthday on record! We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory and had a cupcake party. She was glowing with happiness the whole day and has been ever since. Twenty is a good year!

One of my favorite Sunday (Sundee) activities is driving up into the canyon, which at this time of year is stunning. The trees are all changing colors.

We sat in the canyon making PP&Js, enjoying the nature as well as Casey's brother's 1976 VW. We then decided it was one of the best days of fall semester.

This is Kenny and me when we drove the Alpine Loop this Sunday. We also went to the circus this week! Now I understand why some people are afraid of clowns.

Friday night was my friend Jessica's Katy Perry Day Party. She loves Katy Perry. We both dressed up and a wonderful cover band played there.

Saturday morning was the DIRTY DASH! Lovely Londoners and our friend Matt ran in the most challenging 10K Utah has to offer. There were walls to climb, bails of hay to jump, snow blowers that caused us to almost pass out, and miles of straight up muddy obstacles. We overcame them, sang the bed intruder song, and triumphantly finished, covered in brown goop. IT WAS AWESOME.

On Saturday night during the full moon, I went on a fun date with my friend Nico up the ski lift at Sundance. It's the cool thing to do, so we did it. It was freezing!! And the moon was pretty. Turns out neither of us are werewolves.

Last night after a very church-filled day, our apartment joined forces with the boys' apartment about 50 yards across the parking lot to make a tin-can-phone. It is up and running and fully functioning. We yell secrets into it!

I GOT A NEW IPOD THIS WEEK! And a lovesac (thanks to Jeff and Tom)!! And tomorrow I'm seeing Band of Horses in Salt Lake thanks to Arthur!!! And I have several midterms and lots of papers to grade!!!! Wait, that last sentence isn't so exciting. But hey, life is good.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missin my little MK

Who could deny a face like this?

She is constantly cheerful. She hates loud noises. She always wants to play Rockband and gets so excited if I agree to play with her for 5 minutes. She should also compete at the international level for Rockband drums and guitar. Girl can jam! She can be found at all hours of the day/night playing outside on rollerblades or a trampoline like a 6 year old. She listens to my weird music and loves it, or at least pretends to. She is enthusiastic about life. She is always down for a nice snuggle. She obsesses over tadpoles. She is made of sugar. She is easily the most huggable kid I know. She is growing up (in high school?!) and I miss her every day. See you at Christmas, sweet thang!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my coloRADo missionary

Colorado just got really lucky. Christina Jane has changed my life so much and she's about to go ROCK her mission in Colorado Springs. The raddest baddest (the cool kind of bad) missionary there will ever be! I have mixed feelings about this. I'm so so happy she is going on a mission because it's been her life goal, she is going to be a phenomenal missionary, she is an amazing teacher and listener, and I am so excited for her BUT my selfish side is sad that she's leaving me for 18 months. I am going to hit pause on my life until she gets back. That's not weird, right? I love you CJ!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yuba Lake Triathlon and a birthday

What a fun day!
We went camping last night by the lake. Tin foil dinners, s'mores and sleeping under the stars. Yes, it was so cold that we woke up covered in frost... but there were SO many shooting stars that it was worth it.
Jordan and I rented wet-suits from Outdoors Unlimited and CJ so sweetly offered me her bike and all of her gear. We were set for the triathlon! We were both terrified at the prospects of jumping into a lake when it was 50 degrees outside, but once we started swimming, there was no stopping. Swimming was the most fun, biking was the easiest (even though I couldn't feel my feet at all the whole time) and running was the most physically draining. I thought I got third, but I ended up getting second place in my age division! Our friends were cheering us on at all of the transitions. Thank you guys so much!! It was the perfect day.
To Boff and Gus, HAPPY 26TH! You guys and Tom are the best older brothers that I have.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday is OVER!

Every Wednesday of this semester is a 13 hour day for me. Now that Wednesday is done until next week, I have a second to breathe and write in my journal!

Today in weight training, I recognized a boy in my class and after a minute we made the connection that he served his mission in the ward I was attending in London! Small world. Today I also learned the names of all of the holes in the skull along with every bone above the tail-bone. I also realized that I've been sitting next to BYU's wide receiver in my public speaking class. There are 4 football players and 2 baseball players in that class. Tonight i gave a speech about my fear of beards. Pogonophobia.

But that's enough about Wednesday. I want to write about my weekend which may have been what caused me to get sick this week, but it was worth it.

It all began on Friday. Mckenna and I ran to Utah Lake. She is an incredible person. It was hot but we talked the whole way and time flew right by. That night I went to dinner with my friend Jake at Guru's. Could that place be any tastier? Then CJ and I went to Midway to tear up the town. 15 year old boys hit on us when we got lost and accidentally parked in front of a teeny-bopper party... They leaned onto the side of CJ's jeep and were heavily laying on the flirt. One of the boys asked if I was 14 and then guessed that CJ was 27? Tough life. Anywho, we drove off after getting directions and about a half hour later the same 4 boys showed up at the cabin we were staying at. THEY FOLLOWED US! Walking! They can't even drive! Shenanigans! We quickly vacated the area. After that saga, we scootered to the Midway hot-pots and roasted our legs in that stinky pit for a while. I rode on the back of CJ's friend's scooter while CJ screamed out war-cries the whole way back to the cabin on her own scoot-scoot. It was a good old fashioned fun night. We stayed up late watching a movie and we left very early in the morning.

Saturday was spent mostly in Salt Lake with Rachel. She is the bomb. We did a little shopping at Gateway, but most importantly we got some Ben's Cookies. The football game that night was hot-hot-hot! And we won! I am sitting in Jordan's group and we have great seats. After the game I went to a delicious sushi place called Happy Sumo with a guy in my ward named Matt.

Sunday= church, food and friends. I love my ward here and I feel very blessed to be at BYU where church is so easily accessible. J-Dawgs had a little pot-luck that night at the park so I went with Tara and Melissa and devoured a yummy dinner outside.

What is Labor Day without a nice barbecue? Anna, Lisa and I planned a little get together at Kiwanis park and had some friends come BBQ with us. After a rousing game of kickball and delicious burgers, we three girls plus Caroline and Natalie hiked Bridal Veil Falls with Ethan and Jeff from the ward. Even though I felt pretty sick, it was still a fun hike and an incredible view.

School is going really well, but it's always good to be done with Wednesday. I have the best roommates and I am a very lucky girl to be here learning a ton and having lots of fun. Happy Thursday!