Friday, October 29, 2010

Call me Professor

This post is all over the place, but read if you desire.

This week I taught a class about Greek and Roman Mythology. My favorite professor of all time, Roger MacFarlane, is in Finland all week so we TAs had to pick up where he left off each take a day to teach lecture. It was surprisingly fun and I was a lot more confident than I had expected myself to be in front of 150 college students teaching a subject I don't know a ton about.

Now I'm grading grading grading papers all day.

I've been on a workout kick lately. I've also been on an "eat every sweet/edible in sight" kick. There are lots of sweets at Halloween time. This is not a wonderful thing, but it is good timing for the workout kick.

You know what is beautiful? Park City! I went last weekend with my friend Pat. We made chocolate covered strawberries and went to a yummy restaurant on Main Street.

Tom, Melissa and I love Slab Pizza. If you haven't been, go. Get the buffalo wing pizza. Thank me later.

IT SNOWED this week in Provo. What happened to fall? We went from warm pool weather to STRAIGHT UP SNOW! Unbelievable, Utah. Unbelievable.

My roommates and I are having so much fun this semester! We watch a lot of Disney movies on the weekends, go to the temple, have girls' days out and just sit and talk in the kitchen at night. I will miss these days. ESPECIALLY when Anna Melinda leaves for New Zealand in January. What is that all about?! Wha'm I suppo ta do widout my bff?

Lisa and Heidi are following in Anna's footsteps and starting to make really nice homemade dinners, practicing for the future when they will have to make homemade meals every day. I often just so happen to be the recipient of these practice meals, for which I am highly grateful because they are soooo scrumptious. The other night Mckenna and I went running and came home to a warm meal of maple and raspberry glazed pork roast with cheesy potatoes on the side. Who comes up with this stuff? Oh yeah, my amazing roommates. I hope my kids are down with eating spinach and lean cuisines. That may be as good as I can do, at least currently. Good thing I don't have kids! Especially because I'm not married.

It's Halloween weekend. Which means next week is my birthday weekend. Which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And then CHRISTMAS. And Tara's wedding!

I've signed up for winter semester classes and let's just say, come January I will be taking the heaviest course load I've ever done at BYU. Although it may be stressful, I'm excited to finally be taking classes all geared towards my major. How am I already more than half way done with college?



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeffrey R. Holland

This week has been a little crazy with midterms among everything else going on in life right now. At times I've been stressed out of my mind, sometimes a little lonely, and other moments I feel pulled in a million different directions. Just in time, my anatomy professor sent me this video:

and life just makes so much more sense. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder of how blessedI really am!

Watch the video. It could make your week just like it made mine.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is this illegal?

Taking pictures in the girls' bathroom?

Well don't turn me in. It's for a school project. I know that's what people say as an excuse for doing something really weird, but it's the truth! How sweet/gross is it that we have sleeping couches next to the toilets?

My mom and dad came into town this week. It was SO fun to have them here, even though it was for 20 hours. We went to my favorite restaurant in Provo, The Bombay House, then to Little Italy, and the next day to J-Dawgs and Cocoa Bean. My family associates a good time with good food. It's the higher love. I miss them already! Ahhh they are so funny. They've been all over the country this week, but they are now on their last stop in Arizona.

I played with the sweetest baby and got spoiled with a breakfast from his cute mama yesterday.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful and happy mom?? So sweet.

Things I love, or am grateful for, or both:
seeing the Provo Temple every day.
the Gospel.
my family.
crashing a NuSkin party in Salt Lake.
corn-mazes and haunted houses.
crunchy leaves under my feet and car tires.
marriage preparation class.
my home.
having a healthy body.
sitting by the pool in mid-October.
having my wonderful brother Tom here with me.

I love being alive. I think it's illegal to be so happy.