Friday, February 25, 2011



Last night Jordan took me to see Chronicles of Narnia. Being a bit more money-wise lately, we of course saw it at the dollar theaters. Jordan has read all of the books and we both really liked the movie and were pleasantly surprised at how blatantly Christian the theme was. It was really cool!

It was snowing when we were leaving the theater! Some days it's 60 degrees and others we get 5 inches of snow. Provo's the best.

Today we wandered Costco for awhile looking at all the cool food and stuff they have there and we imagined one day when we'll be able to buy all kinds of things that look good. But for now, we're just sticking to the essentials. The best part about Costco- free samples. And the awesome lunch date- even though Jordan's hot dog made him sick...

This is what I ate for my afternoon snack. I cut up the peppers and the orange, washed the carrot, and plated it all before I realized how orange it all was:
Am I colorblind?

Monday, February 21, 2011

I bought my dress today!!

Jordan and I celebrated the dress purchase and his return back to Provo from Idaho by going to get lunch at Tucanos. I'm still full. That place is the devil. But I love it! We made brownies à la mode, watched Dodgeball with a few friends and called it a day. A perfect day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding inspiration board

Dresses: I've tried many on and these are the top 3My favorite part of 3rd grade was the section on mummification.

We're both very patriotic! It's true, but this last dress...

It's won me over! I've always noticed that brides just sparkle on their wedding day, so I want to guarantee that this will happen for me. This is the one! I won't let Jordan see it until the wedding day, so he better not read my blog!!!!

Cakes: We want ours to really represent us as a couple.

We're thinking maybe Hello Kitty? Jordan and I are both really into that stuff.

Keeping our guests in mind, maybe something really yummy and easy to eat, like a cake made of balloon streamers? Hey Mickey!

Redneck cake? Little Debbie has a special place in both of our hearts.

We could be a little showy and display how loaded we are with the number of $1 bills we have (all 9 of them).

Or maybe even a replica of my hand? Sentimental.

Ahh, a replica of myself! That's it! And I'll look way happier about it than this chick!

Oh yeah! The only things we have picked out for sure are the rings and my shoes:
no words. just love.

I know it'll be in June but... I just can't resist these cute shoes!

I love planning!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


The day: June 24th, 2011
Where: Washington, DC Temple.
To whom: Jordan Michael Wade

We can't contain our excitement!

For those interested and prepared for a lengthy read, here's how it happened.

On Saturday morning, Jordan's good friend, Blake Hansen came to my door all dressed up with a rose and a note. Jordan wrote:

Ms. Laura Kae Nielson
You are cordially invited to dine with me this evening at eight p.m. Formal Attire is requested.
Jordan M. Wade

It was in really fancy (but still boy) handwriting. I was so excited and anxious because my dad called me the second after Jordan had asked for his permission just the night before (like me and Jordan, my family members have a hard time containing excitement). I had to do something to keep me busy and expell some of my excited energy, so what did I do?

Study for my physiology test?

Do service?

Spend my time wisely in any way?

No. The only thing I could do to get out all of my energy was work out. I ran... actually sprinted 5 miles on the Smith Field House short track, which is quite the feat for me because I usually get bored after 2 laps on any track. I saw Jordan while he was working at BYU intramurals. Neither of us said much about the date that night, mostly because neither of us really knew what to say. He didn't want to give anything away and I didn't want to ask questions. SO I came home and showered, picked out options for my outfit, paced around my apartment for an hour, looked at my outfit choices again, paced again, filed my nails, narrowed down outfit choices, painted my nails while pacing, picked an outfit (of course it ended up being the most basic thing I own), and got ready. This was a 3 hour process. Then I was ready 2 hours early. Those who know me well know that I rarely get ready for anything at all. Sometimes I shower for dates, and sometimes I put on mascara or cute shoes while running out the door. But not this night. This night was big. I could feel it.

I'm also not usually this dramatic in blog posts. It's fun.

Jordan picked me up and said we were going to "Le Restaurant Marcist". I knew right away that this meant we were going to his house where his roommate Marcus would be our waiter. When we got there, not only were Marcus and his other roommate Casey dressed up and speaking in French/Russian/Italian accents, but the apartment was really clean with white lights and flowers around a nicely set table. I was so awkward and nervous the whole night because the setting was perfect for a proposal and we all knew it. Casey and Marcus left after serving us the food that Jordan had made. It was just me and Jordan sitting in his front room. He was making small talk while eating slowly and I swallowed all of his delicious homemade food in one bite and sat twiddling my thumbs for an hour while he finished calmly eating. He kept making movements that looked like he was about to get on his knee and pop the question but NO! Nothing happened. He said he thought he was getting a pretty bad cold and had to wake up early for meetings the next morning and wanted to take me home. This was the first hint that something was up. It seemed odd that he wanted to go home so early. Then one of his friends bolted in the door as we were leaving and awkwardly ran to the back room, visibly embarrassed, and stayed there until we left. Hint 2. We drove to my house and had to park really far away because there were no visitor parking spots, or any spots on the street for over a 1/4 mile. Another hint that something fishy was going on. We walked to my house and opened the door...

The apartment was dimly lit by more white lights and I saw the ring in an open box on a rose petaled table. I started crying. He got down on not one, but both knees and asked me to marry him. I said YES!

We partied.

We're engaged.

And so in love!