Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 100 days!

Tonight Jordan and I celebrated our 100th day of being engaged. We made a pizza with 100 pieces of toppings on it. We also ate the whole thing by ourselves. Then we started watching Casablanca, but work comes early so we decided to turn it off about a half hour in. Before we celebrated, we got in a little car accident :( Jordan's car is out of order for the time being, but neither of us got injured and the guy that hit us was apologetic and nice.

I picked up my wedding dress yesterday with some of my sweet friends. It is DONE! No more alterations- it is all mine. I would post pictures, but a certain someone is not allowed to see my dress until we take bridals next Saturday.

Last weekend I went home to have a bridal shower with the women in my ward and women who influenced my growing up years. Rachel Barker was even there because she's interning in DC! We also sent out invitations, planned lots for the wedding, picked out my wedding shoes, and best of all I got to spend time with my awesome family. It was so fun! The weekend flew by too fast, but it was very productive. I had a really bad delay in DC that caused me to miss my layover in Chicago so I spent the night in a hotel in a city I've never been in. It was not planned, so it really stressed me out, but it ended up being fine! I just wanted to be back with Jordan. I already miss home but I'll be back in 30 days, and this time, to marry Jordan!

speaking of countdowns... only 37 days!

Now for some photos :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank goodness for April showers.

They've brought May flowers! It was 85 degrees this weekend. HALLELUJAH! We took advantage of the heat by going to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday. That same morning Jordan and I ran in the Provo City Half marathon. It was the best running weather. For the first time in any of the races we've done together, we ran together from the starting line through the finish line! Jordan's knee is not 100% better yet, so he took it easy and ran with me :)
Anna Melinda Goode is back in town!!!! She's returned to us from an adventure in New Zealand and I feel bad that she came from paradise to... well, Provo. I guess it could be worse. Either way, it's so good to have her back here.
Melissa is engaged. She wasn't yet when this photo was taken. She gets married the week after me! I'm so excited for her and I still need to meet her man! Mckenna got her mission call and is currently in Florida for an exercise internship before she leaves for her New York Spanish speaking mission!

I started working at the BYU Intramural office a few weeks ago and I'm not quite used to everything yet so I feel like an idiot bugging the rest of the office staff with silly questions. I got my first really angry caller last week and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. He didn't know we had caller ID and got a red card for the language he used on the phone with me and couldn't play in his games that week. The good news about my job is that I get my official nameplate soon with the name "Laura Wade" printed on it. This makes me very happy. And yes, I have been practicing my new signature...

Jordan graduated from BYU last month!
Now he's working at Enterprise in Orem and we are both so busy that we don't see each other half as much as we'd like to. When we are together though, we play Bananagrams. It's the best game and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes word games. We bought a Scrabble board and use that for the game instead of actually getting the real game. He is playing on an intramural softball team so it's been fun to go watch him play. His team consists of a ton of goofy guys that are mostly mediocre, but sometimes surprise the fans with great plays.
School this term is keeping me very busy because I'm taking 9 credits. Why did I think it would be a good idea to start a new job and take the maximum credits I can take in the term leading up to my marriage? Oh yeah, because I'm taking forever to graduate. The classes I'm taking are really amazing though. One is called Mind/Body Health and another is Drug and Substance Abuse. I feel like I'm going through some kind of rehab program with the things I learn in both of these classes, but I love it. The other class I'm taking is Doctrine and Covenants. My teachers are all great and one of them is Jordan's Stake President who will be interviewing us right before we get married!

Last weekend we went to St George to go to a wedding reception for one of Jordan's best friends from home. It was a fun weekend full of yummy Mexican food (a Wade specialty) and of course, hiking.
Our ward had a fun tailgating party before the BYU baseball game the other day. I live in a great ward. We're tight enough that we play twister together.
Wedding stuff is great. My mom got centerpieces worked out this weekend and when I go home on Wednesday (for the first time since before New Years!) we'll be sending out invitations and doing all kinds of fun planning. My dress will be completely finished on that same Wednesday. Lisa and Jessica were so sweet to throw me a really fun bridal shower in April that got me even more excited for the wedding.
These days when people ask, "When's the big day?" my response no longer makes them say, "Oh man, you've got a long way to go!" Instead people say, "Oh! That's coming up!" This is wonderful news. Only 46 days!