Friday, July 29, 2011

2 bucks and 1 hour

My after-work treat to myself: making these coasters! And eating a York peppermint patty.
I cut squares from fabric I already owned and modge-podged tiles that cost $0.16 each at Lowes. I added some felt to the back of each to keep them from scratching the table.
Go do a craft! It's fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As of Late

Jordan's 24th birthday was on Tuesday. After a little mix-up that involved him inviting his friends to dinner, Katie and I threw him a surprise party where his friends really were. We ate at JCW's and afterwards invited his friends to dessert at our new apartment. He had a happy happy birthday. It's so cool that we always get to celebrate birthdays together for the rest of forever! Here are pictures from his surprise party and from his birthday dinner at Olive Garden.
Jordan plays softball for his Enterprise team. I go support him, but mostly I people watch. You see, he plays in Taylorsville which is apparently where the 40 year old, boob-jobbed, party-going, bimbos (that also happen to be grandmothers) spend a lot of time. I hear a lot about their shenanigans from the night before at their wild parties. TMI? Yes.
We just saw Harry Potter on Thursday night and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

I'm watching Harry Potter 3 right now. Then Harry Potter 4. ABCFamily.

Friday night we went camping with our ward in Hobble Creek Canyon. We ate a ton of yummy food and played a trivia game around the campfire with other young couples. It occurred to me how short this time in our lives will be, however long it feels like it may last right now. Before we know it, we'll have little kiddies yanking our pant-legs asking where to find the camp-ground potty, or which tree is best to tinkle on. Who am I kidding though, I wasn't a camper until high school, so our kids may not even want to come camping with us. All I know is that I really like camping as a couple. It's something I've already started to cherish. Anyway, before we went to bed, Megan and Blake came into our tent to play cards with us. I'm atrocious at all card games besides phase 10. I don't think I have ever laughed so much while camping. The only time that rivals how fun this camping trip was would have to be girls camp with Anna in high school when most nights we giggled ourselves to sleep.
I'm very distracted right now by our humming oven. It sounds like an egg timer on ecstasy. The humming/buzzing usually is worst when the oven is on. But low and behold, I haven't used the oven since Tuesday. Ugh.

Yesterday when Jordan came home, he walked in the door, his hands behind his back. He turned around so his back faced me and I could see that he was holding a bouquet of roses and some chocolate covered oreos! The man knows me so well!! Chocolate is the way to my (and any sweet-toothed girl's) heart. It was absolutely the sweetest 1 month anniversary surprise. He gets all bashful and smiley when he has a surprise or secret. I love it.
Yesterday I found Jordan's camera memory card from his mission. We got Los 3 Amigos for lunch when he got off work (anniversary lunch/the Provo skweez) and I surprised him with the pictures in my camera. He hadn't looked at them since his mission and it was great to watch his eyes light up as he looked through the pictures from as long as 5 years ago.

We went swimming and then grabbed sno-cones on the way home. They were huge and so sugary that I could barely make it up the steps when we came home.
Tonight Tom is making us lasagna for dinner! Now I'm gonna go pick up Anna from the airport :)

Mr. and Mrs. Wade


I am Laura Wade. I am LDS. I go to BYU. I am a happy happy girl. I am a partner in scripture study every night. I run. I am a Bed Bath and Beyond shopper (with gift cards only). I am cooking every day. I am happier than I have ever been. I was engaged for 4 months and 19 days. Now, I am a wife. I am married to the best man in the world!

This is Jordan.
This is me.
This is us on the happiest day of our life.
We were sealed in the DC temple on June 24 and we have been living the dream ever since.
Seriously, sometimes I think I'm dreaming. I tend not to go all mushy on my blog, but I'm so deeply in love with my sweet husband. Like goo-goo ga-ga. We are so glad to be together and we're not sure how life could get any better. And then the next day comes and we realize that day was even better than before. It's a crazy thing, marriage! I like Jordan more than I like chocolate.
Both of our families spent so much time, effort and money to make everything as perfect as it was. I wore my grandmother's pearls and was married in a dress that my other grandma bought me. That was a really neat thing for me. From the flowers to the cake to the food to the dance party at the end of the reception, the whole day was perfect. Our friends made the whole experience even more special. We even got to run off to our honeymoon in a tunnel of sparklers! I can't even express how grateful we are for everything our families did to make such an unforgettable time in our lives such a happy memory. It's odd that the wedding is now a memory and not something to count down to. Hmm. I haven't thought about that until now.

But what a memory it was!
Baltimore was our first big stop the day after the wedding, so we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. It was so crowded but we saw a lot of pretty fish and icky sharks. Then we wandered around the harbor, which is really trendy and fun. The next day we left on a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. There, we learned that tourism is the number one economy in the Bahamas.. Each of our 3 bus drivers liked to list "the top economies" and then asked for a tip on top of the cost of the cruise excursion. That aside, I'd definitely recommend a cruise to all honeymooners. Snorkeling was our favorite day-trip, but we also spent an afternoon at the Atlantis Resort and another day at Cocoa Beach. I wish so badly I had an underwater camera for the snorkeling because we saw hundreds of colorful fish so up close. We also swam with 3 sting rays! We exercised in the ship's gym every day to make up for the hourly meals and late-night hot chocolate trips. The best vacation ever.
We had an open house in St George on Saturday that was stunning. Jordan's mom has worked her tail off the get the back yard to look pristine for the open house and, dang, was it ever. Before the open house, we all went hiking in a slot canyon. My first time doing a slot canyon and it was awesome! Also awesome- my whole family was together for the first time ever! Mikey, Stephanie and Krista weren't able to be there for the DC portion, but everyone made it to Utah. I'm not going to post all of the photos because I put many of them on Facebook.
The professional pictures were all taken by an awesome photographer and friend, Justin Stubbs. I recommend him to everyone looking for a photographer! He mostly shoots in Utah, but we brought him out to DC, too.

Now we're settled into our first home. We like it. See for yourself!
Did I mention I am learning to cook?
Did I mention that Kello Togashi gave us the coolest wedding gift ever? All of these boxes of my favorite cereal! Thanks Kelly!!
I made a little afternoon project of replacing knobs in this bland entertainment set.
Here it is, all spiced up!
In London, I collected a lot of knobs on Portobello Road. My mom also bought me a couple from Anthropologie for Christmas.

Life is good. Jordan says hi!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arrival of the Laptop!

My mom sent a package in the mail to our new house today. We haven't opened it since Jordan and I are both at work right now. But when I get home, expect the return of my blog on your dashboard! The box is full of birthday goodies for Jordan and a few things I forgot at home during the wedding- most importantly, my laptop. Thanks for sending it mom!