Monday, August 15, 2011

Backpacking Timp

If you find yourself trapped in the middle of the woods without electricity, running water, or a car you would likely describe that situation as a “nightmare” or “a worse case scenario like after plane crash or something.” White people refer to it as “camping.” - Stuff White People Like

Jordan doing a trail mix ad
Our packs were pretty heavy and I am definitely sore today, but I forgot all about my pack when we came to our first snow glacier-- who knew I was going to be so terrified of them? Who knew there was so much snow on Timp in August? Who knew that bringing a hiking pole would have been extremely helpful?

Jordan started walking across the glacier, very carefully, but not too nervously. I couldn’t even put one foot on that slippery, steep mass of white ice. I kept thinking about how steep the slope was and I knew that if I were to slip with my backpack on, I’d slide to the bottom of the mountain. And die. And it would have been so dramatic and sad! Eventually Jordan coerced me into making the first few steps. I was so nervous that it was hard for me to breathe, let alone make strides. Jordan said a joke that made me laugh so hard and calm my nerves a little tiny bit. I finally crossed the first glacier and was really proud of myself, but shaking in my boots. Literally, because I was wearing boots. Then came the next glacier. This one about 3 times longer than the first one. We dug our fingers into the snow and took about 4 inch steps, facing the mountain. It was horrible. Just thinking about it makes my muscles tense. I swear I pulled 6 muscles every time I crossed a glacier. There were 6 glaciers. The last one we crossed was the longest one, at about 40 yards.

I hyperventilated.

Jordan probably thought I was the biggest wimp ever, but he helped me make it across. I was living in constant fear of crossing glaciers until we finally stopped for the night at (frozen) Emerald Lake. We breathed a sigh of relief to be done for the day, but that’s when the real fun started.

We brought a mini-stove/pocket rocket with us to cook some MREs for dinner. When we couldn’t get it to light, we knew something was wrong. When it started getting really windy, we knew something was really wrong. Then the rain came. We hadn’t set up our tent yet. It was very dark. One gust of wind came that almost blew all of our stuff off the mountain and I accidentally screamed. I bet other campers thought I had fallen off the mountain. We scrambled to set up the tent while praying out loud that everything would calm down. Suddenly we had about 15 minutes of great tent-setting-up weather. We finally got into our damp little tent and tried to get our stove lit again. Still nothing. We (Jordan) tried making a fire (possibly against the wilderness rules, but we were desperate for anything warm) and nothing would light because there was no dry wood. Finally, we lit our stove with a match and we got to eat hot dinners at 10380 feet! It was such a comical night and it only got better when Jordan tried to sleep for 6 hours in a woman’s sleeping bag while I was snoozing all night in a huge, luxurious men’s mummy bag. I was seriously swimming in it, and Jordan’s barely covered his belly-button. He didn’t want to wake me up and ask to switch, the sweet guy! At about 6 am he asked me if we could switch and once we did, he was suddenly out like a light. We got these sleeping bags as a wedding gift and had no idea there was a man's bag and a woman's bag. Poor Jordan. Now we know! I think I got about 9 hours of sleep that night and he maybe got 3. The rain didn’t stop until about 9:30 in the morning.
We finally saw what our tent looked like in the morning. no pillows. lots of rocks.
When we both woke up we both agreed that we heard footsteps around our tent all night. We got out of our tent and there was tons of pooh and we looked around and spotted 12 huge mountain goats climbing on the mountainside. We realized that we were sleeping on the goats’ turf! Sorry, goats! Thanks for not goring us in the night!
do you spy 8 goats in this photo?amazed at how cool our campground was
about to start hiking again
The hike back down the mountain went so much faster than coming up. We saw another goat, but this time really up-close. They are huge and really muscular!

our faces...
when we saw...
the big goat!
Having already crossed the glaciers, I wasn’t as nervous coming down. Even though it sounds like a potentially miserable time, we had so much fun and kept a really positive attitude about the silly situations we kept getting into. We certainly had a very memorable time and we look forward to backpacking in St George next weekend!
Hope you kept your feet clean over the weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

For Grandma.

The person I know for sure will read this. I love you Grandma! I hope you are feeling much better :)

The past week according to photos:
mmmm yum
During his lunch break, Jordan wanted to go to a pizza buffet. My health's worst nightmare, but in my heart, a dream come true. While we were there, Jordan spotted his favorite game from an arcade in St. George. I didn't know that was a real pastime! There are dorks actually dorky enough to go spend an afternoon putting quarters in a machine to play a few minutes of 1980's animated video games? And one of those dorks is my husband? At least he doesn't play Halo. Unless he's with my brother Tom. Seriously though, Jordan was so cute-- he didn't know I was taking these photos, but I had to capture how intense he was about the whole thing.
making change for a $1 bill
We had the Wade's come stay with us for 2 nights while Eli was playing in a soccer tournament in Park City. I don't have any photos from their visit or from the tournament :( I wasn't the best sport at the game, because unfortunately I do no love soccer. But Eli's really good so it was entertaining! After the game, Jordan and I went to Olympic Park since I had never been there. We went to the skiing museum and looked at the pretty scenery in Park City.
Yes this happened. ^
Eli's friend Jonathan was also here for the tournament and it was his birthday during their stay with us so I made him a cake and we partied all night.
Partying all night at our house=playing bananagrams until about 9 when we want to fall asleep. Marriage=so much more sleep. More sleep=so much more energy. With all that energy, this morning Jordan and I got up at 5:30 and ran 4 miles together! It was heart warming.

Today according to photos:

When I got home from work this morning, Jordan came home for lunch. We ate ice cream afterward. He said our bowls were mama and papa bear servings:
When he left, I started on dinner. I know, what a house-wife! I had to get an early start to get these in the oven. They have to cook for 2 hours! The house smells really good right now...
I'm making a recipe you can find here, with the addition of chicken. When I opened the hot oven, my glasses fogged up for the first time in years. I forgot how funny that is to me. Think about it, whether it happens to you or somebody else, it's funny.
Anna Hayes in London, circa 2010
Speaking of glasses- I got mine adjusted to fit my face today! Want to see how blind I am? Notice the thickness of the lenses. Then notice the corner of the couch in real life. Then look through my lenses and see the difference! I shouldn't be allowed to drive...

Despite being blind, I couldn't help but notice this ladder being propped up against our house.
Ironically, this is the second day in a row that a ladder has been next to our window. Back-story: Yesterday I locked myself out of our house and, since he was at work, Jordan's friends came over with a huge ladder to try to break in through the windows. It was a no-go because I deadbolt everything that has a lock, which includes our windows. When I saw and heard this ladder today, I thought it was Jordan's friends again, playing a prank or something. But when I heard foul language, which I dislike more than soccer, I opened my window and yelled, "excuse me!?"?!?! A construction worker was climbing up the ladder and almost fell right off when I scared him with my exclamation. He is installing new shutters on our windows right now, which I think is unnecessary, and I definitely thought the noise and language was unnecessary, so I told him so. It's gotten much quieter after that, besides the drilling.

On Saturday we are going to backpack Mount Timpanogos and camp by Lake Emerald- elevation 3210'. Apparently it's really cold up there, so we'll pack lots of warm clothes. And hope we make it to the top (4580') and back in one piece!
our hiking supplies
Now go have a fun weekend! Summer doesn't last forever! Try to enjoy it as much as Jordan enjoys this game: