Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2nd trip to Moab

We are starting to love this place too much. Here are some photos from our fun trip!
Hey Jordan!

A very nice foreign guy took this for us

harder than it looks...


hikin husband

prettiest place

how does this look so cool?

we love driving!

working the camera

we love Moab

free hotel room? ok.


crouching tiger...

a hole in the wall

great echoing goes on here

We don't wanna go home!
Jordan and I both each drove a van down. We left at 6 AM and it got a little snowy up in the canyon, but we made it! We ate at yummy restaurants (eat at Pasta J's!), visited the shops in town, and just enjoyed the perfect weather. Hiking to Corona Arch was the highlight of the weekend for sure. Very fun place. If you've never been there, go! It's a different planet down there.


  1. We really enjoyed the travelogue, are you having a good time or what?

  2. wow took me a second to find jordan in that first picture. very amazing place.