Friday, October 7, 2011

Tests and coldness

Sorry about the hiatus. Life is happening. Here are some updates!
  • It was 75 degrees on Tuesday. I almost went hiking. Then I remembered I had to study.
  • It is 33 degrees right now. The mountains are covered in snow. So long, summer.
  • Jordan and I have been married almost 1/3 of a year! We still can't believe that.
  • I get to eat lunch every single Thursday with a lovely (21 year old!!) Lisa Hepfinger. Happy golden birthday, girlfriend. Even when it's snowing and blustery, we meet up and revel in the greatness of life at BYU.
  • Boulder is awesome
  • My parents are in town soon!! I can't wait to see them. I'm making them my dad's famous chili.
  • Last weekend Jordan, Katie, Cj and I drove down to St George to see Rachel run in the MARATHON!! She did even better than her time last year. That's right. She's run it twice. She's inspired us and we are all running it next year. Even Mama and Papa Wade are running it!!
  • Jordan and I have started training for a half ironman that will be in June in Idaho.
  • This week I have taken 6 tests and 3 quizzes. And worked 22 hours. And gone to 13 hours of classes. I have no life. Hallelujah we are leaving this town tomorrow for MOAB!! We each may be driving a 15 passenger van down there.. more to come later.
  • In a drastic turn of events, the testing center scored one of my tests incorrectly and instead of getting a 57.3%, I actually got an A! I went from sad to straight up thrilled.
  • Yesterday was one of the coldest days of my life because I was under-dressed for unexpectedly chilly weather.
  • We got a grant. Why didn't I know about these sooner??
  • My dad sent us a huge case of soups and peanuts from Amazon. BEST DAD EVER!!!
  • But seriously, he's the best dad ever. Never in my 21 years have I heard him complain about a single thing, or even raise his voice with anyone. He always had time to go on a bike ride with me. He made sure, with the help of my mom, that we went to church every Sunday. He does his best for his family and for God. He's the man. I love you dad!
  • We eat crepes every day. Jordan puts healthy stuff like fruit in his. I put in choco-chips.
  • I miss my fam-jam, but the good news is we are going home for Christmas!!! Tickets have been purchased and Im already packing my bags.
There are a bazillion other things going on, but I feel like writing about why this is my favorite time of year. Tis the season of our meetiversary! Jordan and I met at Lisa's birthday party in September of 2009. Here is a photo from that night:
Note: I am neither of those girls. Stacey and Joanna, back off my man. I wish we had a photo from this night!

And this is us at Lisa's birthday this year:
Our 2 year meetiversary!
We started dating in October of 2009. OCTOBER!! I love this month. I feel like we just started dating all over again. Have a happy weekend!

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  1. I'll have a happy weekend because i read your blog! Glad you are enjoying life so much!